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We offer 7 mysteries with different stories but with the same concept : try to escape within 60 minutes ! If you want to privatize a room for a longer period, feel free to directly contact us via the contact form.

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* Off-peak time : Monday to Friday from 10h00am to 3h45pm.
** Peak hours : Monday to Friday from 5h00pm to 00h30am and Saturday and Sunday all the day.
*** Only in off-peak time.

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Enigmatic Live Escape Game Marne la Vallée
Thursday 19 May 2022
Panique à Westminster
Salle 1accès handicapé
Pagaille à Springfield
Salle 2accès handicapé
Time Machine
Salle 3accès handicapé
Le secret des pharaons
Salle 4
Cellule 23
Salle 5accès handicapé
Salle 6accès handicapé
Le Mystère de Barbe-Noire
Salle 7accès handicapé
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