1 mystery
1 team
1 immersive room
1 hour to escape...

Visit us at Enigmatic in Marne la Vallée and live an unforgettable adventure in immersive spaces that makes you think, have a real sens of logic and an unchallengeable team spirit ! A life-sized escape game, a new original leisure where you will have to resolve mysteries with your team and be able to escape within 1 hour while locked in room.

Price list
6 gamers 5 gamers 4 gamers 3 gamers
Off-peak time* 21 € per person 23 € per person 25 € per person 31 € per person
Peak hours** 23 € per person 25 € per person 29 € per person 33 € per person
Price (under 25)*** 18 € per person 20 € per person 22 € per person 25 € per person
* Off-peak time : Monday to Friday from 2h15pm to 4h30pm.
** Peak hours : Monday to Friday from 05h45pm to 11h30pm and Saturday and Sunday all the day.
*** Only in off-peak time.

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Enigmatic Marne la Vallée
Friday 23 August 2019
Panique à Westminster
Salle 1accès handicapé
Cellule 23
Salle 2accès handicapé
Braquage à Amsterdam
Salle 3accès handicapé
Le secret des pharaons
Salle 4
Le Mystère de Barbe-Noire
Salle 5accès handicapé
Time Machine
Salle 6accès handicapé
Salle 7accès handicapé
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The adventure of an escape game in the center of Marne la Vallée ! (A new concept of a life-sized game)

Come and experience an unforgettable adventure during an Escape Game in Seine et Marne where observation, logic and team spirit will make the difference!



Contact information

Enigmatic Marne la Vallée - Live Escape Game 4, avenue James De Rothschild 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie Marne la Vallée France +33(0)1 60 35 56 40 contact@enigmaticparis.fr
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